Can a Toothache Cause Earache? cause and pain relief treatments

can a toothache cause earache

Sometimes a toothache can cause an earache, it is a common part of dental and oral health problems but often it gets worse.

There are many reasons for a toothache and Gradually it makes severe pain in the jaw and teeth, and also several ways to get rid of it quickly. Rinse with light hot water, salt, herbs and some other things may help to relieve the pain. In this article, we are going to explain everything about this. 

Teeth are the vital organ of our body and also it is needed to eat and talk. This problem occurs due to lack of proper dental care. As a result, it feels very painful. We shouldn’t ignore toothache because untreated toothache can lead to serious diseases, even jaw or oral cancer too. According to a health journal in the USA, there are  2.4 billion people worldwide suffering from untreated toothache. So everyone should be aware of toothache from the beginning and pay attention to teeth care. Often a toothache leads an earache.

Difference between toothache and earache

What is Toothache: Toothache is a pain in the teeth and the jaws. It is the most harrowing situation ever. This pain gradually gets worse and harrowing. Often this pain is caused by affecting other nearest organs of the jaw. 

what is an Earache: Usually, earache is caused by bacterial infections but it may not always be caused by bacteria infection.  Also it can be caused by many other reasons such as Wisdom teeth, toothache, earwax, and hitting hard on the ear. Toothache is one of the most common reasons for earache.

Why is toothache can a cause of earache?

Mostly it occurs for the trigeminal system, pain in the jaw, teeth and ears are part of the trigeminal nerve system. The trigeminal nerve is the part of the nervous system in control of sending pain, contact and temperature sensations out of our body to the brain. 

In fact our ear, nose, eyes, throat sensations are controlled by this trigeminal system. That’s why if one of them is infected, then the other can be also infected or painful. This is why a Toothache Can Cause Earache

Can a Toothache Cause Earache?
Can a Toothache Cause Earache? treatment the trigeminal system of teeth nerve

Causes of a Toothache

  • Cavity
  • Gum infection
  • Sinus Infection
  • Broken tooth
  • Whole or carriage in the tooth
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • If the filling of the tooth is opened 

An expert examines and diagnose the actual cause for toothache. Mostly these above causes are the major reason for a toothache. When one of the above symptoms occurs then we feel pain in teeth and Gradually it becomes very hurt. If you fell your toothache getting excessive, go to your dentist. We Shouldn’t delay it because often toothache causes for earache and it gets very annoying and painful.

Common causes of an Earache

There are many reasons for leading to an earache and some major causes are explained below. If you feel a bad pain in the ear, it’s important to see a doctor.

  • ear infection: The most common reason for earache is infection.
  • Tooth pain, Jaw and a toothache can cause an ear pain. 
  • Ear wax: If earwax accumulates inside the ear, it can cause earache.
  • Flu problem: particularly in winter flu problems occur most.
  • Any objects in the ear: If accidently an object or insect enters in the ear, it may also a cause for the ear pain.
  • Earlobe hurting problems.

Tips for cleaning earwax which cause earache: If you think, having any objects or earwax in your ear then you can use an Earwax cleaner to clean your ear. To clean your ear safely and painlessly, you can use an ear-wax cleaner. It can clean earwax through the vacuum system 

Why is toothache so painful at night?

There are many reasons for a toothache getting painful but some common causes are explained below.

Decay of enamel: Tooth holes occur when the  tooth enamel is decayed and this is the major cause for painful toothache. Usually high carbohydrates, sugar/ sweetened foods, and some processed foods are the cause for growing bacteria in the mouth which is responsible for plaque on the teeth.  Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria. Bacteria on the plaque generates acid after eating or drinking something and the acid makes cavities and gingivitis (gum disease)

Exposed dentin: It can be painful if the dentin becomes exposed because it protects the soft, nerve-filled pulp and enamel coating. As a result, sensitivity to cold or hot stimuli.

Broken tooth: According to the American Association of Endodontics (AAE), even a broken tooth can be a cause of tooth pain. It may also create complications of chewing problems.

Deficiency of proper Calcium, cavities which aren’t treated and the decay within the teeth may eventually cause breaks, particularly in the back teeth.

Gum disease: A gum disease may be liable for a bad toothache. According to the AAE, gum disease (Periodontitis) can lead to gum loss. This may expose the part of the gums and make sensitivity to heat and cold food which may cause of tooth pain.

Home remedies to get rid of toothache

Toothache is more painful than other organ’s pain of our body. It makes a very annoying situation at night. Many reasons may cause toothache as described in above. A dentist diagnose the causes for toothache and take steps what necessary. So if you have a toothache you should go to the dentist, but before going to a dentist you can try these remedies below to get relieve at home quickly. 

5 easy ways to get rid of toothache at home

  1. Salt and mild-hot water rinse: Salt water works very well to reduce toothache, gum and sore throat. Mix one teaspoon of salt with a glass of lukewarm water and rinse with it for 3-5 times in a while.  
  2.  Cloves: Clove powder contains a chemical called eugenol which helps in relieving pain. Crush two cloves and mix it with a few drops of olive oil and apply it on the painful teeth. But patients should visit a dentist.
  3.  Garlic: Crush 2-3 pieces cell of garlic and mix it with one glass of hot water then gargle with it. It has natural antiseptic elements and destroys harmful bacteria in the teeth and also helps in relieving pain.
  4. peppermint menthol: Apply menthol to the affected teeth or rinse with menthol water. So it will help to relieve the pain very fast. It contains powerful anti-bacterial elements. Do not ignore tooth pain see your doctor.
  5.  Lemon: Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice in a glass of hot water and rinse twice a day. Lemons contain antimicrobial compounds that kill germs in mouth. It relieve the teeth pain particularly in gum pain.

How to prevent tooth pain?

Can a Toothache Cause Earache? home remedy of toothache
Can a Toothache Cause Earache?
  • Rinse: Rinse after eating food because food particles are stuck in the gap between the teeth, it causes inflammation particularly gum disease.    
  • Use mouthwash: Use an expert Dentist recommended mouthwash. we suggest you to use the Dentist Formulated 24-Hour effective Oral wash. because it is Clinically proven that it targets sulfur-producing bacteria to help Fight and Breath to be effective for up to 24 hours.
  • Vitamin C: Eat Vitamin C containing foods because  it helps to prevent tooth problems, especially gum disease. Lemon, orange, sour fruits contain vitamin-C. 
  • Calcium: Take calcium regularly because Lack of calcium can lead to tooth decay which is responsible for toothache. 
  • Regular dental checkup: See your dentist every 3 months for maintaining good oral and dental health.
  • Brushing: Brush your teeth timely, properly and regularly. Learn how to brush teeth properly. Brushing teeth twice a day helps to maintain good dental health.
  • Choosing right toothbrush: Most of the people use the wrong toothbrush which is not compatible with their teeth and gum.  So you should choose for keeping your teeth healthier.